Fees and Fines

Victorian courts and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) charge a range of:

  • fees for services and regulatory purposes, including licensing and registering certain activities¬†
  • fines for improper conduct, and to discourage unlawful behaviour.

Fees and fines are officially set and revised by legislation.

The Victorian Government has a policy of automatically indexing certain fees and fines each year for inflation, so that the value of those fees and fines is maintained.

For further information about court and VCAT fees, please refer to the individual court websites.

The following document contains a list of the automatically indexed fees and fines which are the responsibility of Victorian courts and tribunals.

Please note: On 5 May 2020 the Victorian Government announced a freeze on all fees and fines that were due to be increased in July 2020. This included a freeze on car registration, traffic infringements, court-imposed penalties and permit fees. The fees listed on this page from July 2019 are correct for the current financial year (2020-21).


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