eDocs Portal Frequently Asked Questions

eDocs Portal - General

What is eDocs Portal?

The eDocs Portal is an electronic document lodgement portal that enables external parties to upload documents in a scanned format for lodgement with the Magistrates' Court of Victoria (MCV) and Children's Court of Victoria (ChCV). 

This is a preliminary first step being introduced as part of a broader new case management system that will be rolled out over the next few years.

External court users can manage lodgements and will receive email notifications to notify when a document has been reviewed, including the outcome. eDocs also provides an electronic payment service for the relevant fees (where applicable). 

Which jurisdictions are included in eDocs?

All jurisdictions for MCV and ChCV are included in eDocs, except for child protection. While child protection is not included in the eDocs Portal, the broader new case management system will include this jurisdiction in due course.

When does eDocs go live?

eDocs is now live and is rolled out to all courts and external court users from November 2020 through to January 2021, in a staged roll out, based on court location. See the roll out schedule here for more information. 

Why can I lodge my documents against some court locations in eDocs but not others?

As eDocs has a staged roll out, you will be able to lodge your forms online with some courts before others. Lodging forms for all Courts will be possible as they come online during from November 2020 - January 2021. See the roll out schedule here for more information. 

What type of forms are available for filing in eDocs?

Most forms are included in eDocs. However, there are a number of forms that are not included in the initial eDocs release, but may be included in future releases. View the full list of forms here. 

What type of document format will eDocs accept?

Only documents in PDF format can be accepted in the eDocs Portal.

How do I know when my lodgement has progressed?

You will receive email notifications regarding the status of your document. This includes when it has been lodged, and when it has been accepted or rejected. 

What happens if my document has incorrect information?

Your document will be rejected, and the court will provide you with a reason as to why it was rejected. You will be notified via email of this outcome. 

Where do I get the form I need to upload to eDocs?

Where you access your forms has not changed. Continue to visit wherever you download, create or source your documents from (such as the MCV, ChCV or VOCAT websites).

If you are a member of an organisation using the eDocs portal - you may continue to access the forms from your organisation's document management system.

Is there any training material or a manual for eDocs?

Yes. A list of quick reference guides and instructional videos are available in the Help Centre of the eDocs Portal.

For staff members of an organisation

I am part of an organisation. Can I create my own user account or does my organisation need to do it?

No. Initially all user accounts are being created by the CMS Project team. Please contact the Org Admin User(s) in your organisation for more information.

Can I use a generic or shared email address to set up an account?

Shared or generic accounts do not meet the courts confidentiality obligations for the information provided, stored and processed through eDocs. Therefore, unfortunately shared or generic email addresses are not allowed. All accounts must be linked to an individual email account. 

What happens after my account has been created?

You will receive an email with a link to activate your account. Follow the email link to login to eDocs, create a password, accept the Terms of Use, and use your Unique ID to create an eDocs account.

How do I get access if I miss the deadline to activate my account via the link?

Email activation links expire after 45 days. If you miss this deadline, please email edocs.enrolment@courts.vic.gov.au to arrange for a new email link to be sent to you.

What is my Unique ID?

Every organisational staff member must have a Unique ID, which is a number that is unique to you as an eDocs user. Your Org Admin User(s) will assign this number to you to enter when you first login to eDocs as part of the system's two-factor authentication process.

Please contact the Org Admin User(s) in your organisation if you do not know your Unique ID.

If you are a sole practitioner, please contact edocs.enrolment@courts.vic.gov.au to set up an account.

For legal practitioners

I am a sole practitioner. How do I create an eDocs account?

If you have received an email from the CMS Project, please fill in the Bulk User Account Creation Spreadsheet, add yourself as a Trusted Agency Admin in the role assignment column and return to the eDocs Enrolment team. If you did not receive an email from the CMS Project, please email edocs.enrolment@courts.vic.gov.au to set up an account.

What if I'm a private practitioner and I work between two different firms, or with a legal service? Do I need to have two separate accounts?

Yes, you must have two separate eDocs accounts, one for each of the law firms/legal services you work for.

I am a lawyer, can law clerks or paralegals lodge forms on my behalf?

Each person submitting forms must have their own eDocs Portal account and be lodging under their own profile. To ensure that eDocs users do not impersonate any person or entity when using the portal, law clerks and paralegals can submit documents on behalf of a lawyer, as long as it is under their own account. This is detailed in the eDocs Terms of Use.

Why is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) (via Citex, InfoTrack or Tailored Computer Systems) not included in eDocs?

While EDI is not included in the eDocs Portal, future releases of the CMS Project may include electronic lodgement of civil documentation for lawyers.

For self-represented parties

I am representing myself. Can I use eDocs?

Currently only organisations can use eDocs. Self-represented parties continue to lodge documents in the current process.

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