Sexual Harassment Review

About the Review of Sexual Harassment in Victorian Courts

The Review of Sexual Harassment in Victorian Courts was commissioned in 2020, following work by the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner to determine the extent of sexual harassment in the state's legal profession, and the release of the Australian Human Rights Commission's 'Respect at Work' report.

Jointly initiated by the Attorney-General of Victoria and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria, the independent review was led by former Commissioner of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC), Dr Helen Szoke AO.

The Review was tasked with considering measures to prevent sexual harassment, improve reporting and support for those who experience sexual harassment, raise awareness, and ensure accountability across the state's courts and VCAT.

Dr Szoke's final report, with associated recommendations for reform, was released on 19 April 2021. You can download the Final Report and Appendices below.

Courts Council Joint Statement

A joint statement from the Courts Council was also released in response to the report, committing to implement its recommendations, 'with the aim of preventing sexual harassment, improving reporting and support for those who are impacted by sexual harassment, and providing a robust system of accountability'.

Read the Joint Statement here - 



Use the links below to download the reports from the Review of Sexual Harassment in Victorian Courts 

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