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Jury Service

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Daily lists and sittings

This page has links to the Daily Lists of each court and tribunal in Victoria.

Going to Court

This section covers information to assist people who have to attend a Victorian court or tribunal.

Giving evidence

This page has general information for people who have to give evidence in a court.

Support services for people in court

This page lists a range of support services that are available to assist people going to court and resolving disputes.

Jury Service

Juries are vital to our legal system and they provide an opportunity for members of our community to participate in the administration of justice.

Am I required for jury service tomorrow?

Check this page to find out if you are required for jury service tomorrow.

Just received a Jury Questionnaire?

Jury questionniares provide valuable information to help decide which Victorians can be summoned for jury service. 


Courts Open Day is on again for 2013, on Saturday 18 May from 10am to 3pm.


Demystifying courts - watch a day in the life of a registrar.

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Scam Emails for Court

04 April 2014
A ‘scam’ email is circulating the internet that appears to be a ‘Notice to Appear’ at court. 

Virtual Tour of the Coroners Court

The Coroners Court virtual court site was created to provide information about the operations of the coronial jurisdiction, covering:

  • family member's experience d

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