Future Court Operations - Bendigo

A new model for service delivery in Bendigo has been designed alongside those who work in and access the court and will:

  • Enable easy access to court information and services
  • Align services and support to individual needs
  • Ensure strong connection to community and external service providers
  • Encourage active case management so that matters are resolved in a timely manner
  • Provide certainty throughout the process so that people know what to expect.

These signature service principles will be underpinned by professional and knowledgeable staff and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Bendigo's future court will be the first in regional Victoria to provide specialist courts for the Koori community, for family violence, drug and mental health matters, as well as a specialist Children's Court response.

It will service the Magistrates' Court of Victoria, Children's Court of Victoria, and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, as well as the Supreme Court of Victoria, County Court of Victoria, and Federal Circuit Court on a circuit basis.

Artist impression: view from inside level 4, Koori Court waiting room.

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