Bendigo Project Delivery and Operations Transition

Bendigo's future court is an action within the CSV Strategic Plan 2020-2025, which prioritises the delivery of contemporary, safe, and integrated venues.

Key contact: Mick Carroll, Project Executive Director  

Court Services Victoria is delivering the project in partnership with:  

  • Main works provider - Kane Nicholson Joint Venture 
  • Principal Consultant - John Wardle Architects  
  • Project Managers - CBRE Australia  
  • Quantity Surveyor - Slattery Australia  

CSV continues to work closely with the City of Greater Bendigo, other government agencies in the region, and the local community.  

Court Operations transition 

A new model for service delivery in Bendigo has been designed alongside those who work in and access the court and will: 

  • Enable easy access to court information and services 
  • Align services and support to individual needs 
  • Ensure strong connection to community and external service providers 
  • Encourage active case management so that matters are resolved in a timely manner 
  • Provide certainty throughout the process so that people know what to expect. 

These signature service principles will be underpinned by professional and knowledgeable staff and a commitment to continuous improvement. 

Rollout of services

Bendigo Law Court will open its doors in early 2023.  All courts and services currently available will continue to be available in the new facility. 

New specialist courts will open during the first six months of the new court's operations. These are the Assessment and Referral Court, Koori Court, and Specialist Family Violence Court. Key external agencies will also have a presence in the new courts.  

A staggered rollout of services is designed to ease the transition of judiciary and staff to a new building with new systems, processes, and tools. 

Additional specialist courts and programs may be rolled out over time in response to local justice needs. 

Our Local Advisory Committee makes an important contribution to the development of the new Bendigo Law Courts, while there are many other opportunities for community members to be informed and have a say, including many community information sessions. 

The current courts will operate as normal until early 2023. 

Enquiries can be sent to

Artist impression: view from Hargreaves Street.


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