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The Law Library of Victoria (LLV) is designed to provide enhanced access to broader resources to judicial officers and legal practitioners throughout Victoria. 

The LLV collates and curates the best range of legal information resources for our users. Our friendly librarians can help you find what you are looking for, and teach you how to find things more easily next time you are looking.

Overall the LLV improves access to justice by reducing the cost of access to legal resources for our members.

Progress update

The LLV has three phases:

  1. Amalgamating libraries of courts and VCAT (completed)
  2. Consolidating and extending services to the legal profession (under way)
  3. Consolidating purchasing agreements, including online resources (under way).

Further information

Find out more about the LLV at and follow it on twitter @LawLibraryVic.

Laurie Atkinson
Director Law Library of Victoria

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