Received a jury summons?

A jury summons is an official letter from the Juries Commissioner stating that you are required for jury service at a certain place and time.
As soon as you receive a jury summons, you should:

  • make a note in your calendar of the date of your summons;
  • tell your employer that you may be required for jury service. If they have questions, tell them to check the Employers page on this website or contact the Juries Office;
  • keep your summons in a safe place as you will need to refer to it later and you will also need to bring it with you on the first day of your service.

You then do not need to do anything else until after 4.30 pm the day before your summons date -- that is, the day before you may be required to come in for jury service. To check whether you are required to attend, follow the instructions on your summons and visit or call 1300 987 917 and follow the prompts.

Depending on the needs of the courts, you may not be required to attend on your summons date. If that is the case, your jury service may be deferred to another date, or your jury service may be cancelled altogether

What if I cannot attend jury service?

See the answer

If you have a genuine and valid reason, you may have your jury service deferred or be excused. You can apply for a deferral or excuse by completing the statutory declaration on the back of your summons.

You will need to submit the statutory declaration as instructed on the summons. Work reasons are generally not a sufficient reason to be excused from jury service, unless you are self-employed or work for a small business.

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