What happens after the Trial

After the trial
The tipstaff will take you back to the jury room and will arrange for you to receive your jury fees and a certificate of attendance. You will then have an opportunity to telephone family or friends to let them know that jury service is finished. The Juries Commissioner will provide taxis if the discharge is after 7 pm. If any juror is concerned about travel arrangements at the end of the trial, this should be mentioned to the tipstaff.

Exemption from further jury service
At the end of your jury service you will be given a certificate of attendance for you to give to your employer.

You may also receive a certificate entitling you to be exempted from further jury service for a period, particularly if you have served on a long trial.

Don’t talk about the trial
After the trial has finished it is still important that you do not discuss your jury service in such a way that you disclose the identity of another juror or details of the jury discussions or the particular case. A copy of the section of the Juries Act dealing with the confidentiality of jury deliberations will be given to you after you are discharged.

Once the judge has discharged you from the trial, you have completed your role. You cannot be asked to explain how you reached your verdict. You cannot reveal anything that was discussed during your deliberations. If anyone approaches you to talk about the trial, you should report this to the Juries Commissioner.

Sometimes there will be an appeal, or there may be other matters to be dealt with related to the trial you have been involved in, and it is important that justice not be compromised by a juror discussing the trial.

Access to professional debriefing

Upon being dishcharged from Jury Service if you find that you are having difficulty in coping with the experience of the trial you may wish to contact the Juries Commissioner, in confidence, by telephone on (03) 8636 6812 to arrange debriefing.

Discharged jurors can be referred to qualified psychologists who are available to speak over the telephone or in person free of charge.

If you have any questions later
If you have any questions or any concerns about the trial or your experience as a jury member, please feel free to talk to the Juries Commissioner.

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