Payment for jury service

  • You will be paid $40 per day for the first 6 days and $80 per day from day seven onwards*
  • The Juries Act 2000 requires your employer to pay the difference between the amount you receive for jury service and the amount you could reasonably expect to have received if you had not been on jury service
  • This requirement applies to permanent, partā€time and, casual employees but does not include independent contractors.  (NOTE: You should discuss the question of make up pay with your employer prior to attending, if you are unsure of your entitlements regarding jury service)
  • In Victoria, an employer’s obligation to make up an employee’s pay while on jury duty is not limited to 10 days. Section 112 of the Fair Work Act 2009 states:

“This Act is not intended to apply to the exclusion of laws of a State or Territory that provide employee entitlements in relation to engaging in eligible community service, to the extent that those entitlements are more beneficial to employees than the entitlements under this Division. Note: For example, this Act would not apply to the exclusion of a State or Territory law providing for a casual employee to be paid jury service leave.”

In Victoria, the make up pay provision of the Juries Act 2000 has no limitation and as such, an employer is required to continue to make up the pay of an employee for as long as that employee is on jury duty.

  • Payment is made at the completion of jury service and a certificate of attendance is provided

Contact: juries@supremecourt.vic.gov.au

* Revised 1 February 2012